MCCSandbox Wiki

Mission Control Center or MCC in short is a powerful game mode, tool or mission (depends on how you want to play it) that lets the ArmA player have complete freedom as a mission maker. With MCC you can build complicated missions the way you want in few minutes and save them as a mission file or in your profile to share with friends.  MCC has a dynamic AI system called GAIA that gives AI more human like tactics; they flank, support and use CAS or artillery.  MCC has a unique mission generator so you can easily select some variables and MCC will generate a complete random mission set to your play-style and the amount of players and objectives needed. MCC also has unique, easy to use features such as, IEDs, CAS, Evac Helicopters, air drops, 3D editor, persistence database for players levels and achievements and much, much more. 

Highlights and need to knows

- Complete new GUI that gives full control to the mission maker from a map perspective.

- Open 3D Editor by ALT-mouse click. 

- Units controlled by GAIA (new AI) show up with a G in their name on the map

- Send any non GAIA controlled group to GAIA by just clicking 'GIVE TO GAIA'. The group will now be controlled by GAIA in the given zone (left of button) and behavior (left of button).

- Multiple group select and manual waypoints (manual waypoints cancel GAIA)

- Spice up your existing missions with fully AI controlled mortar, artillery, CAS and air patrols.

- Notice aggressive attacks from AI that prevent you from lazy 'Duck shooting' sessions.

- See what the AI does (GAIA) as it generates waypoints, that you can update and cancel whenever you like.

- GAIA get's her target information from any unit on the map, including not under GAIA control. (so even players on the same side of GAIA).

- GAIA can play against GAIA. Each side can be run completely seperate.

- GAIA can be used seperate from MCC (as long as you have the addon) in your exisiting missions (video on how to will be there next couple of days)