Weapons binds

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MCC is equipped with a built in weapons keybinds system. You can activate the weapons keybinds system from the mission settings or by placing the Mechanics module.

Weapon Switch

By default players can quickly switch weapons by pressing the 1-4 keys.

1 - Will cycle between primary weapon and handgun.

2- Will switch to the launcher weapon.

3 - Will switch and cycle between available grenades.

4 - Will switch and cycle between available explosives and utilities.

Grenade throw

2014-11-30 00015.jpg
Smoke grenade in the defensive throw position

When a grenade throw is selected the selected grenade will appear locally in front of the player and the player will automatically switched into first person look.

There the player can cycle between available grenades by pressing the grenade select key again and again - by default 3.

Pressing left mouse button will throw the grenade.

While pressing the right mouse button will tilt the grenade according to the desired throw method:

  • Vertical: Normal long throw.
  • 45 degrees to the left: Defensive throw - the grenade will fly in a steep curve, best to use this throw method in order to lob grenades behind a wall or a corner.
  • Horizontal: Roll grenade - will roll the grenade a few meters to the front.

Explosives and utility

2014-11-30 00014.jpg
Demo charge on the left hand and a clacker in the right hand

When pressing the 4 button a player can cycle between all his available explosives including IED, mines exc. and all his available utilities such as personal ammo boxes.

Like in the grenade throw an icon of the selected explosive and a clacker will appear in front of the player's eyes and he will switch to first person.

To place the explosive or utility press left mouse button.

To detonate explosive press the right mouse button.

Bare in mind that the detonation order of explosives will be from the first to the last one placed and you can detonate ordnance manually even if they are set to automatic activation like mines, IEDs and claymores for example.

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