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The vehicle kiosk allows players to trade their accumulated valor points which they gain by killing enemies or doing squad beneficial actions while Role Selection is on.

While in RTS game mode the vehicle kiosk is available from workshops and its also allows the side's commander to purchase vehicles using the side's resources and not his personal valor points.

Setting up the vehicle kiosk

Vehicle Kiosk in the RTS game mode

You can place the vehicle kiosk from the mission editor or from Zeus as a module.

If you placed it from the mission editor make sure to sync it with one noticeboard and one helipad. The noticeboard will have the vehicle kiosk icon and the actions that allows players to use it and vehicles will spawn on the helipad.

If you are using Zeus it will automatically spawn the noticeboard and the helipad.

When placing the module you'll have to choose what kind of vehicles the vehicle kiosk will spawn: Vehicles, Armored, Helicopters, Fixed Wings or Ships.

Custom vehicles and costs

Once a player used the vehicle kiosk it will automatically populate the list of available vehicles including any active mods and addons that belong to the player side.

One can defined his own vehicles and costs lists and bypass the default lists.

To do it he'll need to create a custom array in mission's init.sqf file for each side and each vehicle type. The array should be named "MCC_RTS_vehicleType_sidePlayer" where vehicleType is any of: vehicle, tank, heli, jet, ship and sidePlayer is any of: west, east, guer.

The array should contains arrays of [vehicleClassName, DisplayName, cost];


MCC_RTS_heli_west = [["B_Heli_Light_01_armed_F", "AH-9", 100],["B_Heli_Attack_01_F", "AH-99", 300],["B_Heli_Transport_03_F", "CH-77", 500]];

Another example:

MCC_RTS_tank_east = [["O_APC_Tracked_02_cannon_F", "BTR-K", 100],["O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F", "Marid", 300],["O_MBT_02_cannon_F", "T-100", 500]];