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In MCC you can find the Undercover Agents module. You can access it either using the game 2D editor under modules (F7) --> MCC or by using Zeus in-game.

The Undercover Agents module allow the mission maker to assign players to act as undercover agents. As undercover agents the players can move relatively safely in enemy territory. This allow the mission maker to open a new dimension to his game play.

Setting Undercover Module in the in game 2D editor

The Undercover Module can be found under modules (F7) under the MCC section. The mission maker should place the module and sync all the desired roles to act as undercover agents with the module.

The module have only one option which is: Remove gear.

Remove gear will remove all the weapons and items from the unit at the begging of the mission.

Setting Undercover Module in Zeus

The Undercover Module can be found in Zeus under the MCC branch. To activate it just drag the module over a player's icon.

Concealed Handgun

Undercover agents have the ability to holster one handgun so that enemy units will not be able to locate it. Once a player is set to be an undercover agent and he is holding a handgun he'll have the option in the mouse's scroll wheel to "Holster" or "Draw" his handgun. Once the handgun has been holstered, he will be removed from the player's inventory with all the magazines until the player "Draw" the hand gun again.

Suspicious Behavior

Players can walk around enemy units relatively safety, but the actions below may raise the enemy suspicious in a way to even blow the player cover and making him hostile:

  1. Drawing a hand gun or carrying any weapon will result in shot on sight.
  2. Running, crouching inside enemy line of sight - will raise suspicious and may cause the player to blow his cover.
  3. Getting too close to an enemy units - will raise suspicious and may cause the player to blow his cover.