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Start locations in MCC serves as respawn points in the respawn dialog and the HQ is serves as a logistics center.

You can place start locations either with the MCC modules or from MCC Start locations button in the MCC main dialog.

Placing a start location from MCC console

Start location.jpg

  • Press the "Start Location" button.
  • Select the side and type of the start location.
  • If is HQ type then select the insertion type: Teleport, para-drop or HALO.
  • In teleport the player will just teleport to the start location while in HALO or para-drop the player will spawn high above the start location and will parachute to the ground.

Forward Operating Base (F.O.B)


FOB is a small start location that will be available to spawn in in the respawn dialog.

The FOB can be destroyed by the enemy team using satchel charge or demo charge and by that denying access to it.

FOB will be blocked to spawn if enemy unit is less then 200 meters away from it.

FOB can be built by the players using the Squad leader PDA and the logistics mechanics.

In-order to build a FOB a player need 400 resources (4 small crates) and at least 2 more units from his side next to the construction site.


Basic HQ

HQ can only be build by the mission maker or be placed by the MCC modules.

If respawn dialog is on by the mission settings then all players will be transformed to the respawn dialog after an HQ have been placed.

HQ cannot be destroyed and its got a protection zone around it preventing shooting inside it or from it.

HQ serves as the logistics center for each side.

HQ can later be upgraded by the construction menu in the Commander Console.

Respawn Tent

Respawn tent is an item that can be given by the mission to the team leaders.

Team leader with a respawn tent on his back

A respawn tent requires at least on more units from the same side next to the team leader.

Once a respawn tent have been built only units from the team leader's group can spawn on it and the respawn tent will be destroyed once the unit that have placed the tent spawn on it.

The respawn tent take the inventory slot of a launcher.