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You can change the MCC settings either by placing one of the settings' modules or by clicking the "Mission Settings" in the MCC console.

In general there are 3 types of settings: MCC, GAIA and mechanics that you can set in the mission settings and it will effect all players including JIP.

Settings (GAIA)

The settings module are similar to the mission settings but can be placed once in a module without the need to change it every mission start.

GAIA is the AI brain in MCC.

AI skills

You can set the default AI skills (aim, overall, spot, command) but keep in mind that this will only effect new units spawned with MCC and will not effect already spawned units or units spawned not from MCC.

AI use smoke/Flare  If set to true the AI units will occasionally use smoke for cover while under fire or a flare at night to have better visuals.
Smoke/flare chance How often the AI will use smoke/flares.
Cache distance GAIA has default caching system - which means AI units with no player around them will be removed and respawn where any player come next to them - this is to save CPU server's power. The Cache Distance will determine how far must a player be from an AI group before it will be cached by MCC.
GAIA Controls By default GAIA will only control units spawned with MCC inside a zone. But you can set that GAIA will control all units including players. While this active GAIA will act as mastermind and give WP to all active units from each side. By default GAIA will not interfere with AI that already have WP so if your mission have some AI with WP assigned to them GAIA will not interfere with them.

Settings (MCC)

Here you can define this:

Teleport 2 Team Players can quickly get into action if teleport to team enabled. 
Save Gear Respawn with the same gear the player had when they player died
MCC messages Show MCC messages
Sync JIP Sync join in progress players with the server
Name Tags Show in-game name tags, ranks (role and health stats while Role Selection is active)
Squads Markers Show Squads markers on the map for all players while playing in a squad from the Squad Dialog
Artillery Computer Enable/Disable the default BI artillery computer
Time Acceleration Shorten day/night cycle
Delete dead players' bodies Delete dead player body after respawn
Respawn Menu Allow start location dialog on JIP or afterrespawn
Squad Leader PDA Allow Squad Leader PDA
Commander Console AllowCommander Console
Squad Dialog Players can open thesquad dialogand form/change squads - requires key binding
Squad Dialog (camera) Player can inspect others from their squad in the Squad Dialog
Logistics Enables MCC logistics
Role Selection Enables Role Selection by default

Settings (Mechanics)

Here you can define different MCC mechanics:

Cover System Enable/Disable cover system
Cover System UI Show/hide cover UI
Cover System Recoil While shooting from behind cover players will suffer less recoil - aka weapon resting
Allow vault/climb While using cover players can climb over obstacles
Weapons binds Quick weapons selection with the 1-5 buttons
Interaction Players can use MCC interaction with objects/units - requires key binding
Interaction UI Show/hide in-game interaction UI
Survive mod Players can search objects in the world to find resources and weapons