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Mission Generator


Mission Genrator

The Mission Generator is a powerful tool that enables any player to generate random complex missions in any given map from addon or not with a click of a button.

The mission generator scan the map and find a suitable place to generate the mission according to the player parameters for example an urban area for a CQB mission. It is important to make as big as you can zone so MCC will have more chance to find a suitable place to generate the mission in.

Mission Types

  • Secure HVT - Rescue a friendly High Value Target from enemy's hands.
  • Kill HVT - Assassinate or capture an high ranking High Value Target.
  • Destroy Vehicle - Locate and destroy a specific vehicle.
  • Destroy AA- Locate and destroy a threatening AA piece.
  • Destroy Artillery - Locate and destroy a threatening Artillery piece.
  • Destroy Weapon Cache - Locate and destroy enemy's weapons cache.
  • Destroy Fuel Depot - Locate and destroy enemy's fuel depot.
  • Destroy Radar - Locate and destroy enemy's radar site.
  • Acquire Intel - Locate and acquire an important intelligence information.
  • Capture Area - Gain control over an area.
  • Disarm IED - Use your wits to disable a live bomb using MCC's minigames.

Mission Parameter

The player can set different parameters for the mission.

  • Rival Faction - Choose which faction the player will be facing (addons supported) .
  • Civilians Faction - Choose which civilians faction the player will be facing (addons supported) .
  • #players - The number of player that are expected to participate in the mission - more players equals more enemies.
  • Difficulty - Harder difficulty equals more and harder enemies.
  • CQB - If Close Quarter Combat is enabled MCC will generate the mission in a city or a town and the objectives might change. For example: Objectives will spawned inside buildings and enemy units will garrison buildings.
  • Stealth - If set as a stealth mission the players are advise to stay hidden from the enemy, If they are spotted the will face more enemies reinforcements
  • Precise Locations - Task icon will appear on the actual position of the objective and will track the objective movment if disabled the icon will appear in the vicinity of the objective.
  • Debug - Display debug information.
  • Objective 1 - 3: Choose up to 3 objectives per mission from the mission type above
  • Vehicles - Will vehicles be present in the mission.
  • Armor - Will armor be present in the mission.
  • Reinforcement - When the enemy side loses massive amount of units he will call aerial or motorized reinforcement.
  • Artillery - Enemy side will use mortars or self propelled artillery pieces.
  • Intro - When mission generating is done will show a short atmospheric movie clip followed by a tactical map, just tactical map or none.
  • IEDs - The enemy will use IEDs against the players.
  • Suicide Bombers - The enemy will use suicide bombers against the players.
  • Armed Civilians - Civilians have a chance to be armed and fight against the players.
  • Roadblocks - The enemy will deploy roadblock on roads leading to the mission area.
  • Animals - Spawns some ambient animals in the mission area.
  • Time/Weather - Choose a random time, day and weather or choose a specific weather effect such as sandstorms, blizzards and snow.
  • Area - Will the mission will be generate randomly across the map or in a specific area. In addon maps it sometimes required to define a zone to generate the mission in as MCC can't define the map size. Make the zone as big as you can to give MCC more chance to find a suitable place to generate the mission.

Customizing The Mission Generator

You can easily customize the mission generator by setting any of this variables in the init.sqf file in your mission.

//HVT classes
MCC_MWHVT = ["B_officer_F","O_officer_F","I_officer_F","C_Nikos"];

//HVT composition type - must be a config with this name holding the compsition setup.
MCC_MWHVTCamps = ["c_campSite","o_campSIte","b_campSIte","c_slums"];

//Fuel tanks classes
MCC_MWFuelDeop = ["Land_dp_smallTank_F","Land_ReservoirTank_V1_F","Land_dp_bigTank_F"];

//Radio Towers
MCC_MWRadio = ["Land_TTowerBig_2_F"];

MCC_MWTanks = ["B_MBT_01_cannon_F","O_MBT_02_cannon_F"];

//AA Bluefor
MCC_MWAAB = ["B_APC_Tracked_01_AA_F"];

//AA Opfpr
MCC_MWAAO = ["O_APC_Tracked_02_AA_F"];

//AA Resistance
MCC_MWAAI = ["I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F"];

//Artillery Bluefor
MCC_MWArtilleryB = ["B_MBT_01_arty_F","B_MBT_01_mlrs_F"];

//Artillery Opfor
MCC_MWArtilleryO = ["O_MBT_02_arty_F","O_Mortar_01_F"];

//Artillery resistance
MCC_MWArtilleryI = ["I_Mortar_01_F"];

//Air vehicles
MCC_MWAir = ["O_Heli_Attack_02_F","O_Heli_Attack_02_black_F","O_UAV_02_F","O_UAV_02_CAS_F","B_Heli_Attack_01_F","I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F","I_Plane_Fighter_03_AA_F"];

//Cache object
MCC_MWcache = ["Box_East_AmmoVeh_F"];

MCC_MWradar = ["Land_Radar_Small_F"];

//Intel objects
MCC_MWIntelObjects = ["Land_File2_F","Land_FilePhotos_F","Land_Laptop_unfolded_F","Land_SatellitePhone_F","Land_Suitcase_F"];

MCC_MWIED = ["IEDLandSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDLandBig_Remote_Ammo","IEDUrbanSmall_Remote_Ammo","IEDUrbanBig_Remote_Ammo"];