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Mini game IED can be spawned as MCC IED the difference is that a mini game IED cannot be disarmed by traditional methods and it will requires the player to play and win a mini-game in order to disarm it.

Disarming The IED

Mini-game IED contains three modules: Wires, Numpad and buttons.

Use either MCC interaction or ACE self interaction when close to the IED and looking at it.

A dialog will appear which will hold a timer and a few modules.

The IED will explode if one of the bellow will occur:

  1. The timer reaches 00:00:00.
  2. The player closed the mini-game dialog.
  3. The player have accumulated 3 strikes.

The IED will disarmed once all the modules have been disabled.

The disarming process is at least two man job, since the player who is disarming the IED can't close the dialog to see the instructions for disarming.


Each IED will have random number of modules depends on the disarm time (approximate 30 seconds to each module) and each module will have different difficulty depends if the player is a saboteur or an engineer.

Each module will represent as a square in the the disarm dialog. The modules can be disarmed at any order - but all of them need to be disarmed before the timer reached zero.

Wires module:

The player need to cut the correct wire depends on the number of wires, IED's serial number and the wire's colors.

Buttons module:

The player need to enable or disable a checkbox bellow each symbol depends on the IED's serial number.

Numpad module:

The player need to press the buttons in the correct order to disable the module, depends on the IED serial number.

Disarming instructions:

Ied manual.png

You can find the disarming instructions in your diary (map) under "Bomb Manual"