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Logistics are takes major part in the construction process.

If Role selection is active players will gain XP from delivering crates to under construction battle emplacements.

2014-11-29 00019.jpg
Supply, fuel and ammo Large crates

There are 3 different resources you can deliver around the battlefield:

  • Supplies: Used to build structures and repair damaged vehicles.
  • Ammo: Used to re-ammo vehicles and static weapons.
  • Fuel: Used to re-fuel vehicles.

Supply Crates

2014-11-29 00018.jpg
Supply, fuel and ammo small crates

Crates are the being used to move resources around. There are 2 type of crates:

  1. Small crates - each holds 100 resources. Small crates can be delivered by a supply truck or a helicopter.
  2. Large crates - each holds 400 resources. Large crate equal 4 small crates and can only be delivered by the heavy transport helicopters.

Withdrawing Crates

2014-11-29 00021.jpg
Logistics dialog

Open transport vehicles such as the Open Zamak can transport up to 3 different crates at a time. While helicopters can lift only one crate at a time.

In order to be have the logistic interface vehicles have to be closer than 50 meters from their side's HQ and near complete stop then press the MCC interaction key.

Helicopters need to fly higher than 15 meters.

Once the logistics interface have been opened next to the HQ players can withdraw or deposit crates. Each crate that returned to the HQ will refund it value in resources but if the crate is empty for example the players won't get any refund for that crate.

Crate can become empty by using them as each crate can either repair, rearm or refuel vehicles.

Delivering crates

2014-11-29 00020.jpg
Supply truck loaded with one crate from each resources ready to deliver

While In a transport vehicle press the MCC interaction key or the ACE self interaction key to open the logistics dialog where the player can drop the crates at the desire destination.

While in a transport helicopter the in-game sling loading mechanics take place, pilots can just drop the crates where they have needed.

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