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Getting Started

Welcome to Mission Control Center better known as MCC before we jump into the MCC features let's go over some basics.

Mod version or mission version

The first thing you'll have to decide is: are you going to use the mod version or the mission version?

I strongly recommend using the mod version but I'll give you the pros and cons for both


Mod version:


  1. Has more features than the mission version
  2. MCC will work on any mission and map
  3. Allows creating easy to use templates with MCC modules and your own gear, scripts, formations and units
  4. Has dedicated bind key option even to players without access to MCC


  1. Requires installing the mod
  2. If the server doesn't check signatures it allows players without the mod joining the server which can lead to unexpected behavior

Mission version - ABSOLUTE


  1. Does not require installing the mod, just drop the mission in the MP mission folder
  2. No compatibility issue as the mission on the server is the mission that you'll play even if it's outdated.


  1. Less features than the mod.
  2. Limited to Altis and Stratis unless you duplicate the mission to more maps.
  3. Restricted to the mission units, gear and formation.
  4. A big mission requires a lot of time to download

Installing MCC


Whether you have picked the mission version or the mod version you'll now need to install the MCC.

Keep in mind that the mod version needs to run on all clients and server

You can download both from the MCC thread in the BI forum:

or Armaholic:

Installing the mission version

Download the mission from one of these links:

Steam Stratis:

Steam Altis:

If you have installed the mission with Steam it should automatically put the mission file in the MP missions folder. If not, put the mission PBO in the MP Missions folder in the main ArmA root.

Installing the mod version


MCC Install Tutorial

Download the mod version from Steam:

Don't forget to subscribe so you'll get constant updates.

Steam should automatically create the mod folder in your ArmA root. 

Open the Steam launcher and go to the Addons section, check the check-box on MCC and launch the game.

Check this post regarding MCC modules and mission template.

Installing iniDBi2

While not mandatory it is best to download and install the iniDBi2 mod and put it on the server only.

IniDBI is a very small add-on that lets MCC save data into an ini file so that it can have persistent data. 

That is mostly important for the Role Selection as you want to save the players progress.

You can download iniDBI2 from here:

Remember that it should run only on the server. Clients don't need to download it.

Templates Missions for the Mod Version

I've been asked a lot how to create a simple template mission like the one that comes with MCC.

The basics steps are:

  1. Open an island map on 3eden
  2. Put some playable units.
  3. In settings -> Multiplayer - set the respawn to Custom
  4. Put the needed MCC settings modules and edit them as you see fit.
  5. Done

You can find some all of the missions and campaign templates used in the mod in the Git MCC project folder here: