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ArmA 3- MCC Sandbox R11- Cover

MCC is equipped with a built in cover system. You can activate the cover system from the mission settings or

by placing the Mechanics module.


Cover icon with an option to pop out to the right

The cover system will work automatically and will recognize when a player have hard cover in front of him.

When hardcover has been recognized by MCC a UI will pop up indicating that the player is behind cover and a small white arrow will show the direction the player will pop out of the cover.

To get out of cover the player have to go into "Aim Down Sight" or ADS in short, usually by pressing the right mouse button.

When a player ADS he will pop out of the cover in the direction the arrow shows resulting in a stance change (up, down, left or right) when the player leaves the ADS, either by reloading or pressing the right mouse button again, the player will return behind the cover again.

Weapon Resting

Deploy icon

If enabled a player that is popping out of cover will benefit less recoil and weapon sway to simulate the fact that a soldier leaning out of cover usually rest his weapon on the cover he is hiding behind.

When a weapon is rested it will show a small bipod icon in the lower part of the screen.


A player vaulting over a small wall

Players can vault over obstacles or cover if they are not to high and there is enough space for the player to vault into - as big enough window for example.

When a player is behind a cover and vaulting is available the player will be informed by a text line below the cover icon saying: "Press V to vault" then when the player will press the default "step over" keybind he will vault over the cover to the other side.