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The ambient module will help the mission maker to enhance game immersion by adding natural objects and units to the battlefield. Each module is available in Eden editor and in Zeus.

Ambient Birds

Player scare some birds

When the ambient birds module is dropped to the mission either from Eden or Zeus there will be a small chance to each unit to spawn a flock of scared birds out of a nearby tree or bush. This can reveal player's location and AI locations or just give them a scare.

The louder the units in terms of moment speed, vehicles, shooting exc the greater the chance to scaring some birds.

Ambient Fire


Burn Baby Burn- ArmA 3 MCC WIP

When the ambient fire module is dropped to the mission either from Eden or Zeus there will be a small chance in each shots fired or vehicle's explosion to start some bush fire.

There are some condition that will effect the chance to start a fire:

  1. The flammability of the projectile - the bigger the explosion the more chance it got to start a fire.
  2. The type of ground the explosion hit - fire can only start on grassy ground.
  3. The forecast - The higher the humidity the lower are the chances to start a fire.

When a fire starts it will propagate depends on the wind's direction, strength and the present of combustion materials in form of bushes, trees and grass. Which means that a road, or a river can stop fire propagating.

Ambient Units

Ambient Units Module

When the ambient units module is dropped to the mission either from Eden or Zeus it will spawn some AI units(civilians) that will randomly patrol the urban area, drive cars exc.

The civilian reaction to the player can dieter if the players start harassing civilians or worst - killing them eventually pushing the civilian population to become hostile towards the player by placing IEDs and even take arms.

The module will spawn the AI next to players and delete the units once there is no player around to control CPU and network usage.

Here is the module info:

  1. Ambient Patrol - Enabling it will make AI units patrolling the area.
  2. Ambient Cars - Enable/Disable AI driving cars around.
  3. Parked Cars - Enable/Disable the spawning of empty cars on road's shoulder in urban areas.
  4. Parked Cars Locked - Will the parked care will always be locked, always be unlocked or random.
  5. Faction - String, the AI faction name.
  6. Car's Faction - String, the AI cars faction name.
  7. Civilian Reaction - The starting relation to the players can dieter if the players start harassing civilians. Don't forget that you can interact with civilians using MCC interaction system.