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Spawn Carrier from Zeus - ArmA MCC r22 update

One can use MCC to spawn either Community Upgrade Project or in short CUP LHD, or the BI Aircraft Carrier USS

freedom. There are two new modules that the mission maker can work with.

Carrier-Spawn Module

Carrier spawn from Zeus

This can be either dropped from Zeus or Eden it will spawn the carrier.

Module Info

  1. Owner - Carrier's side.
  2. Respawn Position - If true it will function as MCC Start Location.
  3. CUP LHD - If enabled will spawn CUP LHD (Requires CUP installed) if disabled will spawn BI carrier.

USS Freedom Flight Deck

Both the LHD and the carrier will be fully functional including arresting gear, steam catapult for taking off and ILS

system for landing.

No more then one carrier and one LHD can be present in any given time.

Carrier-Menu Module

LHD Flight Deck

This module can only be dropped from Zeus and it will open the carrier interface. You can also add the carrier interface to an object by editing it with Zeus and adding the 'Aircraft Carrier Console' preset or by adding to the object/unit init:

[this,"Aircraft Carrier Console","","","(alive _target) && (_target distance _this < 5)","(alive _target) && (_target distance _this < 5)",{},{},{[] spawn MCC_fnc_LHDspawnMenuInit},{},[],3,10,false,false] call bis_fnc_holdActionAdd;

LHD Cargo Deck

LHD Moon Well Deck

Once opened the player can spawn different vehicles and aircraft on the Carrier flight deck or on various LHD's decks.