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• 4/19/2017

MCC breatch Ammo

Hi guys, i'm looking for your help.

In modules there is (Settings) Mechanics with breaching ammo line. In this one i write the Ammo class name but breach doesn't work. I want to breach with M590A1 from RHS with slug ammo. 

I've try many syntax but can't find the exactly one to use in breaching ammo line. Is it possible with weapons ammo or not?

And sorry for bad English, i do my best.

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• 4/21/2017

You are half right and I have the same issue. However, there are 2 lines 1 is breaching ammo for placing explosives on doors. Thats the stock Claymore, can't remember if its on by default or you have to put in. But, I know that works.

What you are speaking of is a Non Lethal round, In his video does by using shotgun ammo from the the Benelli shotgun mod. Which is extremely outdated. I have tried as you have many different shotgun ammo arrays and none have worked thus far. Such as CUP and RHS no love for me either yet. 

Or, if you are saying you want to breach with a shotgun, I don't think its set up to work that way.

• 4/23/2017

Yes, I'm trying to breach with a shotgun. You're probably right, it's can't work. For the Claymore it's by default, we get it with MCC interaction or ACE interaction. It's a bad new, it's cool to unlock and open door with shotgun :)

I'll try with other Explosives, because Claymore are too heavy to unlock many doors without rearming. 

Thank :)

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