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• 3/5/2017

Controlling the amount of ambient units and how much they are reinforced.

Hello I am wondering if there is any way to control how many and of what type units get spawned into ambient warzones. I know that I can make cached units spawn in according to their distance to the player in the gaiai which the ambient units will automatically do. Now my question is can I tell MCC how many units I want on the ambient warzones and of what type. I think it's very cool that it's possible to make ambient warzones so both factions fight one another but while I'm trying to accomplish a mission I generate the ambient enemy over power me quickly. I like that they will come to reinforce but it's pretty intense for one player haha. I am just wondering if the makers of the mod could add options to the ambient warzones so it's more controllable.
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• 4/21/2017
Maybe don't put in the mission in editor and try to use it in game through Zeus. I know there is a module for it that gives you choice of factions and slider to adjust amount of enemies and so forth.
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