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• 10/30/2016

Saving missions

i have tried this multiple times but i cant seem to get it to work.

i have tried to use the 'save all [SQM]' and copie this in my mission file but it doesn't seem to work. The stuff that is already written in the mission file is also different then what i copy into it (encoded)

the only way i seem to be able to save my scenario is to go inside the server with mcc and to 'load from profile'.

what am i missing?

Thanks in advance

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• 4/21/2017

Maybe try after saving all sqm in MCC, exit the editor, then open that SAVED mission and delete all and paste new like you are doing. Don't forget to SAVE and don't rename it.

Just a guess, thinking its not taking cuz the fille is still open in the editor.

Hope that makes sense.

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