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• 2/14/2016

MCC wont log me in as Mission Maker! Help!

So all my friends on my ARMA unit can use their MCC with no issues. Everything is perfectly fine for them. However, whenever I click MCC, and then the login button... it pauses for a second, then comes back to the login screen with Mission Maker: Not Assigned.

Am I doing something wrong? I downloaded from steam workshop, checked it off in the launcher, but it just doesn't like me.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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• 4/21/2017

Could be several things depending on how they have it set up.

First, if someone is logged in, you cant be. They can't just exit MCC console when their done, the have to press Logout. Then someone else would have access.

Also, they my have it setup so they you have to be logged into the server to access.

Or, they could have it setup for a specific slot or even a specific player ID.

Talk to your homies.

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