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• 6/4/2015

Basic question..

I LOVE MCC!!! Best thing ever, you are my hero! Could you please explain the difference between MCC mission version and mod, I have no idea what you mea.

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• 6/9/2015

The mission version - well it is a mission you can find on Steam for Altis or Stratis - it is a very large mission around 15MB but if you are using the mission you'll get almost all of the MCC funcionality without running any mod which is great for public servers exc. But then you'll only have access to MCC while running the MCC mission. 

The MCC mod however (which can be found on Steam too) will requires the clients to run the mod but then you'll have slightly more functions than the mission version (medical items exc) and you'll have access to MCC in any mission even SP or the campaign. 

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